i’m pretty sure i started the fandom + social media trend with that got post omg

Title: Stay With Me (Sam Smith Cover)
Artist: Ed Sheeran
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New outtakes from Sophie Turner's photoshoot for Tatler UK

On being asked if she is a feminist (in light of stars such as Shailene Woodley, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson rejecting the label): “I don’t think they really understood what feminism is. It’s a right. Feminism, to me, is standing up for everything that someone else has already done for you. My mom has overcome so much in her life. She makes me want to stand up for myself. Stand up to the studio heads who try to tell me that I can’t have blonde hair; they want brown hair. Or I need bigger boobs, or I need to work out. Or I’m too skinny, so, like, ‘Eat a cheeseburger.’ I stand up for myself every day of my life. I grew up in a family of four boys. I’m, like, a born feminist. I’ve been a feminist since I was four years old.” - Chloe Grace Moretz


Emma Watson goes to Uruguay to promote more women in politics for UN Women.

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it’s the scottish independence referendum tomorrow

or as i like to call it

the great british break off

Title: The Promise
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